How To Bleed Brakes By Yourself

When you drive around in your new car and press brakes, you notice how easy and smooth the brake pedal is and how effortless it is to stop your car. However, as you continue to drive for some years you feel as if the brakes are not performing as they did in the start and this could be due to the air buildup in the brake lines. This is where the process of bleeding brakes comes in and this is a simple DIY which could be performed at home as well.


What does Bleeding Your Brakes means?

 When you press the brake pedal in your car, the brake fluid flows into the brake lines creating the hydraulic pressure which is required to slow down the vehicle. If air gets accumulated in the brake lines, the brakes feel sloppy and unpredictable which ultimately reduces the braking performance.


How to Bleed Brakes at Home?

 Before beginning to bleed brakes, start by lifting your vehicle and securing it onto a jack stand. Then remove all the four wheels.


Bleeding with help of gravity

 Once the car is lifted and wheels are removed, look for the bleeder screw which is located at the back of the brake caliper. The simplest way to bleed the brakes is to attach the hose to the bleed screw and open the screw and you will notice the old brake fluid as well as the air flow coming out of the brake lines.


Using a Vacuum Pump

 Another smart way to bleed brakes is using a vacuum pump. Simply attach the vacuum pump along with the hose and catch container and pump the lines to clear any air. A vacuum pump can easily be bought for about $30.


Asking a friend to Press the Pedal

 If you do not have a vacuum pump, you can also flush out fluid by pressing the pedal a few times. Simple ask a friend to depress the pedal a couple of times and the pressure will push the fluid through the system and to the catch can.



 Bleeding brakes is a simple process which can be done at home to save cost. However, if you do not know much about cars, we suggest you take it to a professional mechanic and have him perform the procedure. Also, you can visit to learn more about Auto DIY's and also to purchase original car parts.

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