Difference between Ball Joints and Tie Rods

The suspension system of the vehicle plays a major role in ensuring that your car delivers a smooth performance and offers a pleasurable drive. The car’s suspension system is made up of several different mechanical components joined together and two of such components are ball joints and tie rods. Not a lot of people know the different or application of both of these parts which is why we will discuss in this article all about ball joints and tie rods.


What are Ball Joints?

Ball joints act as a pivot point for the front two wheels as these two wheels are turned with the help of the steering system. The control arms on the front suspension system have ball joints attached to the end of the arm and close to the front wheel. This type of configuration enables the wheels to turn left or right and also move vertically while maintaining the weight of the vehicle.


What are Tie Rods?

Tie rods are an essential part of the car’s steering system. They connect the steering gear with the steering knuckle and if damaged can handling problems with the vehicle.


How do Tie Rods and Ball Joints Work Together?

The ball joints and tie rods are not connected to each other directly, however they are connected via a mechanism known as spindle. The ball joints are situated on the top and bottom of the spindle while the tie rods are connected in order to control the pivot when the vehicle is steered.



Both ball joints and tie rods are an integral part of the vehicle and any damage in these component can severely affect the ride quality. If you notice any problem in handling or while steering the vehicle, there is a possibility that either tie rods or ball joints have become faulty and a professional mechanic can assist you in fixing the situation. You can get original ball joints, tie rods and other suspension parts at carpartsnow.ng

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