Do I Need Alignment After Replacing Tyres

Before buying a new set of tires, people usually do a lot of research regarding what tires to buy and from where to get them installed. However, they remain confused about whether or not the car needs alignment after replacing tires. In this article we will discuss the question whether or not you need alignment after getting new tires.


What is Alignment?

Alignment of the wheels is basically referred as the adjustment of the suspension system so that when steering the vehicle, the tires turn in a straight line.


Why is Alignment Required?

Alignment is necessary to improve the life of the tires and ensure a better drive and maneuvering. When the tires are properly aligned, all tires on the vehicle point to the right direction when the drive steers the car.


Is Alignment Required After Replacing Tires?

Most automotive experts highly recommend getting a proper alignment after replacing the tires to ensure a full tread life. Proper alignment guarantees that your tires are in proper contact with the road and are also adjusted correctly wheel well. If the wheels are aligned correctly, your vehicle will also offer a better fuel economy as well as a comfortable drive.



How Often Does The Car Need Alignment?

It is generally recommended to get wheel alignment every year but you can ask your vehicle manufacturer or check the car’s owner manual to know the preferred timeline.

However, if streets where you drive are usually rough then you may want to get your wheels aligned more often. The general signs which indicate that your car needs alignment include vehicle going sideways when driving straight, hearing a flopping noise when driving or feeling shaky when holding steering wheel.



If you are making an investment when buying new tires, it is highly recommended that you spend a little extra and get wheel alignment as well to ensure smooth and trouble-free drive. For more information on wheel alignment, tyres or other spare parts visit


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