How To Tell If Brake Rotors Are Bad

A proper braking system ensures that your vehicle stops appropriately and also helps to keep you and other passengers in the vehicle safe. However, constant braking over time causes the brake rotors to wear down causing problems when stopping the vehicle. While a lot of drivers spot the damaged brake rotors too late, we will analyze in this article how you can assess your brake rotors and tell if they have been damaged.


Visual Inspection

The basic thing to do is check the brakes visually and to do this, park your car and turn the wheels to either right or to the left to have a clear look at the rotors. If you notice visible damage then it is a clear sign to replace them





Squeaky Noise from the Brakes: 


When pressing the brakes, if you hear a sharp squeaky noise then this suggests that the brake rotors are not perfectly flat anymore. Squeaky noise is also generated due to damaged brake pads.



Another common sign that your brake rotors are damaged is feeling vibrations from the brakes. When brake rotors are severely damaged, they cause excessive vibration which can be felt in the brake pedal as well as on the vehicle steering wheel.


Blue Color on Rotors 

Besides visually inspecting for damage, you can also have a closer look at your brake rotors to see if you can notice a blue color. This blue color usually suggests that the rotors have been exposed to excessive heat which caused such coloration.




When should I get new Rotors?


Generally, rotors are manufactured to last up to 80,000 miles, however, if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, it indicates you need to have your rotors replaced. Get help from a professional to know more about the type of rotors you should be getting or visit

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