A typical Lagos driver’s commute goes through a number of pothole infested roads and it wreaks havoc on cars suspension parts, this is not going to change any time soon so Lagos car owners need to ensure they have the best suspension parts to withstand the wear and tear of these roads and also avoid driving in ways that damage their suspension parts. Here are the most common mistakes drivers make that damage car suspension parts


Accelerating  Over Speed Bumps

Accelerating over speed bumps or potholes can cause serious damage to your car suspension parts, it could mess up your alignment, break or destroy shock absorbers, linkages and more.


Sudden Braking

Sudden braking is hard on your car brake pads, but this action is also hard on the suspension system of your vehicle. Slamming the brakes suddenly on a regular basis puts unnecessary stress on the shock absorbers and struts of your car's suspension, reducing their life span and weakening the hardware that keeps them intact. This is because when you stop suddenly, the shocks try to absorb the excess shock of the sudden change  in gravity and force of the weight of the vehicle and the struts take on unnecessary stress.



Load Capacity

It Is common to find many light vehicles carrying the maximum number of occupants, including luggage and in some cases extra equipment. Your vehicle’s suspension is engineered to handle a maximum weight limit and nothing more. Overloading the vehicle so much so that it exceeds its maximum weight capacity will unnecessarily stress and damage your car suspension parts.



Driving Through Flood

Most  newer cars have their suspension joints lubricated for life at the factory during assembly, but driving through deep water can flush out the lubricant and cause premature rusting. Your suspension joints may end up failing soon after driving through the water during a flood. 



Fake Suspension Parts

Let’s admit it, original suspension parts are not cheap, original brake pads to stabilizer linkage to shock absorbers come at a premium rate but they actually do the work required and give a good driving experience and also provide safety. Carpartsnow stocks the best suspension parts in Lagos for your car at affordable prices and with warranty.

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